img_0006So I am back home in Norway for a few weeks. Even if we had the worst flight, I managed to capture a moment, yes i’ve enhanced the colours slightly.. But it was quite a lovely evening sky above the clouds.. Where we spent way more time than we’d wish for.
So at that moment both me and Renate were feeling the hate of snow very clearly.
But really I think the snow can be so beautiful.. Beautiful enough for me to walk around for hours taking pictures..
I was a wee bit cold when I got home as I had not really expected I’d spend more than 2 hours outside.
img_0016I figured I better do it now rather waiting till the rain has washed it all way replacing it with the slippery ice. Which is what looks like will happen today.
img_0032I truly think snow can be very beautiful, no matter how cold and annoying it can be.
Walking around in the ocean of white is a good way to clear your head.
and it’s amazing watching footprints in the snow, your own, others.. Just to see the trace of someone walking or something.
So even thought I spent a bit longer out there, it was kinda worth it, because I got some nice shots. and well I got some time to myself, which I enjoy sometimes.
Here are some of my pictures, I hope you like them..





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3 thoughts on “Snow..

  1. Vældi fine bilda 🙂

  2. dougielee

    still don’t like snow all that much.. men fine fine bilda ^^

  3. Kikki

    pretty pretty pictures 🙂 ❤

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