New year, new opportunities..

So it is already pretty much 7 days into the new year, and I have yet to write a blog entry this year.
I guess I’ve been kinda slack over the holidays, but it is only because i’ve been keeping myself so busy. However now, I’m off for a few weeks, and I am gonna enjoy it to the max.
Chilling with my girls and pretty much just relax and enjoy not having to work or write essays..
And maybe do some more writing, I have ignored my writing recently, but I joined a few SA comps on the mcfly boards, getting into the swing of it again.. I’ve missed it a lot.
of course that includes blogging, well as long as i have something to blog about.
It’s said that with the new year you should have resolutions, I don’t really bother with them anymore because I never stick with them..
I’d rather call them goals.. it makes them seem more achievable.
I want to try and gain some faith in myself, as that might lead to me spending more time on my uniwork. because it leads me over to the next goal, which is putting more effort into my work, hopefully gaining me better grades..
and of course i’d like to stay healthy, cut back on sweets and soft drinks and all.. have been good this term, but i need a kick in the butt to keep it up i think..
Maybe even exercise..
But most importantly I will try not to let good opportunities to slip me by, I’d rather grab them and make the best out of it..
Because i really do want 2009 to be the best year of my life..I want it to be everything 2008 wasn’t..
So with those words i want to wish you all a very Happy New Year, may it be filled with Happy times:D

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One thought on “New year, new opportunities..

  1. dougielee

    Happy new year darling, I will try and make this year into a great year to remember. Love you ❤

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