Christmastime is upon us!

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted a blog containing fragments of my thoughts,
but with Christmas upon us it felt like the right time.
A lot has happened over the last few months, mostly good..
When the season is dark and gloomy it is easy to feel that way too, no one can escape it really. You’re bound to be hit by it at some point, but if you’re lucky it will be one of those very brief encounters, lasting maybe less than an hour.
But Christmas is also such a wonderful time, because there is so much to be happy about, not only are you allowed to eat till you feel like bursting without feeling guilty for it, because that is what you do at Christmas. Presents are of course important too, and just the togetherness of spending the evening together with people you care about and love.
Maybe Christmas has lost some of that magic it had as a child, but there is no denying that when you look back at it afterwards, Christmas is normally a time you always remember with a smile on your face.

For me this Christmas has been different in many ways, but mainly it is because I felt like there was nothing I needed, or particularly wanted. But somehow I managed to get everything I ever wished for this year and even though my festive spirit never fully erupted, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a Christmas eve more than tonight.

There’s really too many impressions going through my head at the moment to get them all down in one blog post, I don’t want anyone reading drift off elsewhere because of my blabbering.
But for a restless soul like me, it is nice to get some of these thought out of my head in the wee hours of the morning before I tuck myself into bed and rest these tired eyes for a few hours.

to everyone who has wished me Merry Christmas today, I wish the same for you all and more. May your Christmas be filled with love and happiness to last you till this time next year.

and as for Santa he is currently in Grenada, he’s been travelling fast this year..
I almost caught a glimpse when he soared above my house earlier this evening, but I was just too late, and he had reached Trondheim by the time I realised he was anywhere near.

so with that


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2 thoughts on “Christmastime is upon us!

  1. Så bra du ha ein fin julaften 😉 Og god jul te dæ å!

  2. Renate

    Merry Christmas my lovely lady friend who I love more than any puddings of the season!

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