so awesome it must be Radio:ACTIVE tour part 2,3 and 4

so i’ve been meaning to write this blog for how long?
and i do apologize it has taken me this long, my head has been elsewhere, and frankly..
it had to be in those places, still should be.. so this update will be coming along slowly and i will not post untill i am done with it.. which might not be just yet.
Our 2nd stop on our lets follow mcfly all over the country was Manchester MEN Arena.
But first off we popped down to the Mcfly stalkerville aka Mcfly’s hotel and met up with a bunch of fans (mainly street team members who seemed to like our norwegian flags a lot)
and maybe a bandmember or two.
Renate has learned to make her way through and got a nice pic with Tom, but I am actually quite excited i finally got my picture with Sofiepie, which i love loads..
With seats up in block 115, we had excellent view both of the stage and the crowd, and it was a real good change from standing in the “middle of nowhere” like it felt at times in Birmingham.

The lads were a wee bit ill but the pulled through excellently, and i enjoyed it a lot more than Birmingham.
Me and Renate were singing and dancing along throughout the gig before we head back to our hostel with Ali and Amy, and exhausted we got into bed quickly
The next day me and Renate walked around Manchester for a while, taking some pictures, meeting up with Sarah and Chelle, and pretty much just chilling, enjoying the cold manchester rain!
Set off home to a freezing house, but knackered as we were we eventually fell asleep..
Monday arrived and it was time to prepare for Scotland and Glasgow, and the 3rd leg of our exciting trip.
We skipped uni and spent the day packing pretty much, making sure we had everything, flags, passports, chocolate, ourselves and something to wear. All Check and ready to go.
Jumping on the train, and several hours later we arrived in wee little glasgow, which is actually not that little.
With me in charge we set out for the hostel, and I did actually remember the way there, inside the first people we met were pretty much some other Norwegians (Read Therese and her friends) going to the same gig. We checked in and hurried upstairs, freshened up and set off back down to the bar, where Renate struggled to order us vodka limeonades 😉
And we had proper spazzouts in our room, which we very conveniently got to ourselves both nights
The following day we did some more mcstalking but it was leading nowhere and we were cold and hungry so we went back, and did a quick wander around central glasgow, and finally met Astrid again as well:)
Then it was gig time, walking to the SECC, thinking we were heading in the completely wrong direction for a while, we asked for directions, luckily this friendly glaswegian man were very good at pointing, because it was impossible to understand a word of what he was saying..But hey we got there and ready to spazz some more.. on the way i broke my flag as well, trying to hide it in my jeans 😦 poor little norwegian flag. Being 4th row thanks to the wonderful Renate whom i am lucky enough to call my best friend in the whole wide world, so I’d say our pictures were pretty much amazing:)
mcfly-072tagI am quite proud of the coolness of Fletcher in this one.. i’ll just post a selected few to prove how amazing view we had..
mcfly-047tagmcfly-090tagmcfly-110tagAfter a very sucessfull gig, where me and renate we’re rocking to avenue and reemer like we were their no1 fans, the rest of the crowd jumped to their feet when Danny suddenly appeared with reemer during clouds (which btw is an amazing song you should youtube it)
Strolling along on our way back we met up with Therese and her friends again, Renate going on and on about Mr Daniel Alan David Jones pretty much the entire way back, but hey a Dougiegirl are allowed to talk about the other lads, doesnt meant she’s cheating..
And we were singing loudly and possibly out of tune to Clouds, buying kebab’s on the way, Renate asking for garlic sauce sounding awfully posh, it was very cute i assure you.. and the kebabdude complimented our lovely english accents..
We got up waaaay too early the next morning to fly down to London, but when we eventually met up with Sarah and the Mongises, it was all worth it.
And then for the 2nd day in a row we set off towards seeing Mcfly. Yeh you heard right, Renate won tickets to this nokia green room thing, we thought it had been messed up, but we managed to get 4 more tickets and brought Sarah and Katrine.
After jumping and singing along to Sugababes and Scouting for girls, we skipped Alesha Dixon and were ready for mcfly. The other Norwegian mcflyers had found their way to Hammersmith as well, which happend to be where we were. We were pleading and begging for them to let our poor frozen friends inside, but security refused and we had to shake our heads and tell them no can do..
But don’t you think in the middle of bopping along to do ya or black or white i can’t actually remember Kaja suddenly appeared behind us, turns out they’d pitied them and let them in after all.
And i seriously think they had the awesomest time there:)
And if that’s not enough, Kaia got one of dougie’s plectrums, i caught one for Renate and wait there’s more.. outside we actually got to talk to them, hug them and whatnot..
Screaming down their ears that norway loves them, giving dougie chocolate for his bday and Stine that sneaky devil managed to snatch herself a picture with the bassist, i dont blame Renate for being a wee bit jealous, as she had just been refused by the security..
dsc00222we look pretty pleased don’t we? it was the evening of a lifetime, and i assure you me and Renate will be much loved for quite a while after this.. maybe Renate in particular, i mean if she hadnt won those tickets, we wouldnt even have considered going up there and none of us would’ve had such a wicked night.
Happy and very exhausted we headed out to heathrow to pick up a very patient Hedvig, poor girl had been waiting for us for quite some time, but luckily she was ok with it. And then we set off to the hotel, and man how relieved we were when we could lay down and sleep. Knowing we were getting up early the next morning to queue for wembley. We spesifically asked for no wake up call, but were rudely awakened by a loud siren thing at 5am i think it was.. guess what? The fire alarm had gone off.. so we got dressed and went down, and got these silvery things to try and keep ourselves warm, and they did come in handy while we were queuing all day the next day

p1010016Even if we were frozen at time we kept the spirit high and evetually we were about 20 norwegians in the queue 😛 singing, spazzing, just having an awesome time, eager to get inside.
We got some pink wristbands. (Renate got her wish)
Eventually they let us inside, and we all settled down in front of the stage, quite happy with grabbing a spot just a few rows back between Tom and Danny. Stupidly enough we thought we might be able to sit down for a while, but suddenly there was a massive rush to the stage and we barely managed to get to our feet and woops like that we were in a very tight spot so to speak.
p1010031And still no sign of Avenue, but hey having travelled all the way and and having to stand for several hours on tired legs weren’t gonna spoil the fun for these hardass norwegians, with a few panicattacks and almost faintings we got through it and man it was amazing, the pressure the pushing the intense feeling of being that close watching Tom grinning widely through that see through stage, it was all worth it when we pretty exhausted piled out some hours later..
After hanging out for a wee bit with Nick from Reemer, Ant mcfly’s backupsinger and former bandmember of V, and Jason Perry, johnny from Avenue and even catching a glimpse of Harry Judd himself. Perfect end to a perfect night. We were all pretty hungry and made our way down to McDonalds, and we were lucky and they let us in and we got some welldeserved food, the rest of the mcflyers were less fortunate but they got food through the drive through so i guess they had an interesting experience as well..
Then we headed back to the hotel, very exhausted, and we agreed that Katrine and the others were catching a taxi from our hotel, and we were waiting for the other for ages.. but they’d stuck around to look for mcfly by the bus place thingy, and all hyped up they came to our room later on, they’d seen them and all..
We chatted, looked at pictures and just hung out for a while before we figured it was too late by now and they should head back, so we walked down and booked them a taxi, and hung out by the bar in the mean time..
and would you believe it, they played Do Ya on the telly while we were stood there waiting, so we gathered around the screen, singing our tired little hearts out rocking to our favorite lads.
And ironically when the song finished the taxi were there.
(we also encountered a sleezy scumbag of a man, but i dont feel like explaining that any further)
So after hugs and more hugs we said goodbye to our lovely ladies.
It’s been amazing hanging out with them again, but it just gets harder and harder to say goodbye, and you must know we were a tiny bit jealous they were going to liverpool without us, but mainly because it meant they got to hang out for longer.
There’s no doubt I love these girls so much it’s insane and i miss them intensely when we’re apart.
But i’ve learnt to treasure every single moment we share, and they’re all equally special to me.
Thanks for the perfect ending to a mcfly adventure girls
pb270301p.s. Cecilie refused to join in the picture for some reason, but it was awesome finally meeting that tiny extraordinary girl.
After this we turned in for the night and the next day we picked up BK at the airport..
But that is another story for another blog.
This one has gone on for long enough now..
and kudos if you read the whole thing, because i’ve put down a lot of work into this particular post:D

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6 thoughts on “so awesome it must be Radio:ACTIVE tour part 2,3 and 4

  1. Katrine

    THNAAA! Så søtt oppsumert! 😀
    I had an AWESOME time those nights! Og takk for at du orka å høre på klaginga mi heele veien fra McDonalds til hotellet! xD
    Iloveyouandmissyou! ❤

  2. Æ hi lest aillt, og føle mæ vældi flenk ^^

    Høres ut som dåkk hi hatt det vældi hektisk og vældi arti 😉

  3. dougielee

    it was awesome it was!! SAVN!

  4. Emma

    Så skjønn oppsummering ^^ 😀
    Det var så morro å se deg og renate igjen ^^ og alle de andre og forsåvidt :P:D men de var jeg jo med masse liksom!
    Det var helt konge på Wembley selv om det var iiiskaldt å stå i køen uten jakke 😛 Og ikke minst Nokia Green<3 Det var så awesome at jeg kanke få sagt hvor glad jeg blei^^
    I love you and I miss you so much ❤

  5. Awesome!! Det hoeres ut som dere hadde a pretty good McFly adventure ja 😀
    Saag kjempe goy ut med saa mange norske McFly fans samla! Neste gang vil jeg ogsaa bli med 🙂

  6. Kikki

    ae lest aillt aa 🙂 awww, hoertes/saag ut som di ha d knaill, snuppa!!! miss yaaa

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