I’m leaving…

But not on a jetplane, Train up to glasgow this afternoon. Will be wicked i think..
Got mcfly at the SECC tomorrow. Very excited for 4th row..
and then flying down to london on wednesday morning, and then there’s mcfly again on Thursday, last date of this tour.. *sighs*
im gonna miss them when it’s over..
but hopefully by then i will be back into blogging a bit more often..
sorry the lack of updates.. just been a bit busy..
will post about the three last dates of the tour once i get back..
We are bringing Hedvig and BK back to wolvo with us from London:D

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One thought on “I’m leaving…

  1. Monica

    Håpe dåkk hi hatt det kjæmpebra :):):)

    Sjøl så hi æ vyrri på Lerkendal å sjett Valencia slått RBK 4-0 😛 Men æ e nu like glad;) hihi

    Btw. Nu hi æ juleferie! 😀

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