The Radio:ACTIVE Tour 2008 part 1


As Renate would’ve already told you, last night was the kick off for this years Mcfly tour adventure.
and my oh my what a start. We headed to the Birmingham LG Arena(previously known as the NEC) in good time, met some street teamers, and had a few photos. And most importantly we met Katie and Dagmar off Dougiefied.
And of course Sarah and finally Chelle as well:D
Dressed up as superheros (For Super Records of course) we were ready to rock the show, and we most certainly did.
Well with a lot of help from our lovely lads of course.
We were doing our very best to raise money for Children in Need, which Mcfly are releasing a single for this year, so if you have a few £ to spare, please give some to this lovely charity.

mcfly-005tagSo we spazzed along to song after song after song, and we never wanted the show to end, because YES it was bloody brilliant. I might go as far as saying it is the best gig i’ve ever been to. And it makes me squeal inside knowing there’s still 3 more dates left:D
mcfly-012tagWe were Block D, Row Q, seats 9-10, quite a bit back some would say, but that is why, i adore my camera so much, i have the most amazing zoom, and it did help when mcfly decided to jump on a flying stage and come back and say hi to all of us at the back as well.
mcfly-047tagThe sounds i heard from miss solhaug next to me was either spazzes or click from her camera, because oh boy she took pictures..
Doesnt matter how many because so many of them were amazingly gorgeous.
Suddenly the flying stage took off, and people were trotting back to their seats, but after having read spoilers, we knew better and kept our eyes on the smaller stage, and as expected Danny popped up doing a brilliant cover of Michael Jackson’s Black or white. mcfly-021tag
And then they were back on the main stage..It was getting closer and closer to end, and oh my i wished so bad it didn’t have to end.
Harry got to say a few words as well, as he should do…
mcfly-053tagAnd then, Tom went, ok everyone this i the last song, and the reaction from Dougie was hilarious.
“No tom, we’ve already played that one,” of course they finished the whole thing off with 5 colours as usual, but that doesnt mean it was bad..
Because they rock that song and suddenly almost before it had started our first night with mcfly was over!
I can’t wait for what’s to come.
Feel free to check out my videos:

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5 thoughts on “The Radio:ACTIVE Tour 2008 part 1

  1. dougielee

    it was just bloody amazing!!

  2. Awesome 🙂
    I can’t wait to see them in Glasgow!!

  3. jeg og vil! så søte bilder av dere og gutta! : )

  4. !! Jeg satt og tenkte på det på bussen! Vi får veksle på msn en kveld eller noe? ^^ 😀

    Vi må jo treffes lissom, kjipt om ikke 😮 😀

  5. Jeg satt og tenkte på det på bussen! Vi får veksle på msn en kveld eller noe? ^^ 😀

    Vi må jo treffes lissom, kjipt om ikke 😮 😀

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