This day has been anticipated and awaited since a probably wet day in july and now it is finally here.
I am writing this blog in hope of helping myself become overly excited about what is to come.
MCFLY live at the LG Arena in Birmingham

I’ve been trying to convince myself that i am actually seeing the boys in the flesh today, real and live in front of me, but it doesnt really make sense.. i think it is the first time i haven’t hyped myself up before seeing them. And it feels really strange. of course i am looking forward to seeing them. I’m just not spazzing..:P

Maybe it is because it is the first time i’m not travelling across the northern sea to see them? because usually we spend a riddicilous amount of money on travelling to see them.. however this year i am spending a riddicilous amount on gig tickets. hopefully by the fourth time seeing them i will be so hyper before the gig it will make up for the lack of hyperness today..:P

Today is kind of the kick off for a wonderful month of gigs.. yes i know we’re two weeks in already..
But this is the first mcfly gig of the year so it’s a bit special.

Also our lovely lads are releasing a single for Children in Need a brilliant charity helping children who needs it, and we are a bunch of street teamers meeting up to fo fundraising for this, dressed as superheroes, to go with the theme of super records, saving the world one song at a time.
So if you have a few pounds to spare, feel free. We’re hoping to fundraise a lot

So if you are going to the LG Arena tonight and see a bunch of superheroes, people in jammies etc, feel free to come and talk to us.

Now i am gonna jump in the shower and hopefully within long i will be hyped up and ready to go.


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3 thoughts on “It’s TODAY!

  1. u’ve gotta love mcfly!!

  2. Håpe dåkk kose dåkk i kveill :D:D

  3. dougielee

    You got hyped!!

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