Christmas shopping

As the time fly by, me and Renate thought it would be a wise idea to start the christmas shopping early, and so we did. Getting up at riddiculus time in the morning and travelling in to Birmingham seemed like a good idea, so we did that as well.. Started our day at urban outfitters, and worked our way through the bull ring shopping mall.. got 3-4 pressies out of the way, and a small something for a few of the others.. so all in all we did good.. i felt proud because even tho i spent a nice amount on myself, i did manage to get pressies yay me.
We also went to Urban pies and had their lovely pie and mash, yupp we can go to brum just for that, and we have done so in the past.

Renate finally found herself a jacket, and some other nice stuff..
We were exhausted when we came back on the train fully loaded with stuff.. so we took a taxi home.
But you do get into a christmas mood when you go christmas shopping.
I’m not sure if i am sad or happy that i’ve started because it is kinda early to be in a christmas mood..
Aaaaanyway, this was really not a very interesting blog so i will add a few pictures to make it more interesting and fun.

img_9099At Urban Outfitters

img_9101Me and THE Bull

img_9103Renate with THE Bull

img_9109Shop mania!

Yeh if you need more, check Renate’s facebook, she has some lovely photos on there indeed.

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6 thoughts on “Christmas shopping

  1. dougielee

    It was a good day wasn’t it? 😉

  2. Æ kuinna ha fyrri te Birmingham bærre fer at dæm hi Disneystore igjen 😛

  3. hehe..
    vi ska ta dae me dit monica:D

    yeh it was.

  4. Awesome! Looks like you had a good time!
    I should really start my xmas shopping too… hmmm!
    Disney = ❤

  5. Kikki

    DISNEY STORE! 😀 saag ut som ein bra dag ja!

    Oh, Ida!! Pervonissn e opp paa Queen Street! haha

  6. aaaah, ae savne hain litt merke ae..

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