Happy Halloween

Spookytime, the one day of the year its allowed to dress up spooky and sexy at the same time. Dead superheroes, dead emo fairy and a witch was the result of mine,Renate, Coral and Sarah’s dressup night.
Halloween in wolverhampton is nothing like Halloween back home in Norway, but we were enjoying it.

started the day with looking for sexy spooky costumes, no luck on halloween, we shouldve gotten it earlier, but lesson learnt for next year:P
Then we decided to go with the superhero theme, and added the deathlayer to it, so we were pleased in the end.. had some drinks at ours with sarah and Coral before setting out for the dancefloor.. aka town and Cheeky monkeys, which is probably one of the most laidback cool places in wolvo.

Such a wicked night, some were enjoying themselves more than others *coughs*Sarah*coughs*
But we met some lovely lads on the way, and had a long cold walk home.

Today’s been rather chilled, very tired and very lazy..
Saving the essay worries till tomorrow, because then i really have to get worried..

Thanks for a wicked night ladies, and lads.. (not that they will be reading my blog anytime soon)

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7 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Whoaa, that looked like fun!

    I got your link from Dougiefied just incase you were wondering.
    Was just blog surfing!

  2. Tøffinger 🙂

  3. oh yeah!
    ae syns vi da deilig ae..

  4. Kikki

    coooool 😀

  5. Kikki

    oh btw, sjoelsagt e di deilig! HOT vill nu ae sei da 🙂

  6. hot stuff hehe…
    d va ein utrolig artig kveld og.

  7. dougielee

    Herregud vi va deilige!

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