Lost in Transelation

No, i’m not gonna write about the film, because i have not seen it.
But i am gonna write about how amusing it is to try and navigate through wolverhampton with my lovely best friend Renate.
First of all we take the bus halfway around town to try and find the post office where Renate’s parcel has been left. got off like 3 stops too late, walking back and realising we definitely did not have to go by bus.

after picking up the parcel filled with paalegg og posemat eller kosemat som jeg saa fint hoerte.. we started the strange task of walking home, navigating by the art and design building. pointing in completely opposite directions..
i tell you finding your way around our neighbourhood is a lot more demanding task than it first seems.
It’s such a shame for me to admit that Renate actually was right and i was wrong tho..
i bet she ‘ll never let me forget that one..

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4 thoughts on “Lost in Transelation

  1. dougielee

    *grins proudly*
    I’m a living map!

  2. yeh yeh whatever..

    i guess u have to be right sometimes as well..
    i was only pretending..

  3. Haha, søt dåkk da!:P Kanskje dåkk bør skaff dåkk et bykart?

  4. nesj, troeng itj d sjuh hehe

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