High school musical 3

Me and Renate decided to venture outside the safety of wolverhampton city centre today, and we ended up at the Cineworld at Bentley Bridge. Where we joined forced with all the youngsters and their excited parents for the disney adventure of the year.
Yeh that’s right, us and the children stood there eagerly awaiting to see the one and only Zac Efron dance his butt off trying to decide if he wants to go to UoA to play basketball or Julliard to play theatre.

Now that’s a though decision..
and there’s always the theme of love.. Troy and Gabriella trying to keep their love strong and their so cute it shouldn’t be allowed.. Sharpay has teamed up with a newbie in the hsm team. a transfer from London.
They have a few newbies in the cast this year, but if they’re gonna make a 4th (which would kinda suck) i guess they need new characters. 

to be completely honest, i did not expect much of this movie, so i was pleasantly surprised, and i actually enjoyed it.. and the song i posted in the beginning of the post is doomed to get stuck in your head.. and you can’t stop humming along..

Hiiigh school musical…

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5 thoughts on “High school musical 3

  1. oohh, nice picture! I’ll have to check that one out 😉

  2. niice!
    gleder meg til jeg skal se den! : )

  3. Renate

    Oh I liked it, it was totally ok =]
    Loved the last song!

  4. yeah, I think it may be totally wicked =) a bit weird, but Dirty Dancing never really was up, but when my friends found out, they ordered it in no time… 😉
    27 Dresses was pretty sweet, and James Marsden isn’t bad looking, if I can say it like that…
    Ben Barnes is gorgeous! I’m thinking of naming my son after Caspian!
    that lovely Zac had his shorts way down on his hip, though, haha… 😀

  5. I don’t like Zac.

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