Always Attract!

Finally the night was here, the night that would kick off the start of our gig-journey.
You me at six, a band we’ve both liked for a while and finally had a chance to see..

We dressed up and looked mighty fine if i am allowed to say so.
So mingled up with a bunch of english teenies, screaming their lungs off at the slightest movement on stage, dancing weirdos with long hair, Big boys blocking the view we were ready for a great night.
First up was Farewell which was pretty cool, Houston Calls was good too, but i prefered Farewell.

After the teenies tried something that looked like a moshpit, we were further and further to the side when You me at six finally entered the stage, sweating backs, beers spilling, screaming, sounds awful right?
it was, but we got some bloody nice pics for it. (check my myspace or facebook for them)
After a few songs we headed to the back and just danced and sang not caring we were the only ones going crazy in the back.The gig was over too soon, but i guess they can’t magically make anymore songs just to make it last longer.

So it was time to partey, civic is normally good on a Saturday so we went round paid the entrance had a drink before deciding to get some fresh air, lucky we did, we walked round the back and who did we see? Why it was Josh of course, looking gorgeous in a yellow Farewell hoodie! (which i want…)
We went a bit teenie fangirl on the inside for a moment, but we went further down, eventually chatted to Max, who got the rest to come out as we told him we were Norwegian. finally got to talk to Josh, we were in heaven already, we decided to head back inside as it was a bit cold..

inside we stumbled upon one of the members of Farewell, so we decided to tell them they were good.
He looked a bit lonely so we befriended him, his name was Kevin and he could tell us that Farewell were quite big in the states, which is really cool, because he was a cool dude.
He said we were his BFFs:D we pretty much hung out with him most of the evening, and he watched us get more and more drunk, but then again he was getting drunk himself as well..We all were..

I’ve never had so much fun dancing the night away, not only with the guys but just me and Renate rocking out owning the dancefloor with our killer moves.

Tonight we’re seeing FOB in birmingham, but YMAS is supporting, and i can honestly say i am loads more excitied about them.
And also Kevin’s brother Justin said he might be able to get us on the guestlist for the gig in Northampton tomorrow, i wanna go.. but i don’t wanna get my hopes up either.

untill then..

oh and I love Renate<3

Just a pic of me and our BFF Kevin!

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5 thoughts on “Always Attract!

  1. dougielee

    It was amazing it was. Love love loved it!

  2. Heldiggrisa 🙂 Høres ikke ut som dåkk hi d så gæli borti England i affaill 😉

  3. sååå koslig! 😀 Bra dåke koste dåker 😀 Han kevin va litt sånn en smule fin xD haha 😀

  4. høres ut som en knall aften! ^^,
    ooh jeg misunner deg som har vært på Palm Beach!!

  5. en smule fin? hehe..

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