Thoughts on a thursday morning

Well the morning is almost over, but still..

when i first sat down to search for an image for today’s blog i wasn’t really sure what i would be writing about.But i liked the picture so there you go.

The day has just started and there is not much new to tell really, life is proceeding forward at great speed, and I try my best to keep up.

my resolution is a good change,even though my uniwork is still quite at a standstill, I’ve taken the books out, I’ve looked at them, but it is hard being such an uninspired uncreative soul in the search for knowledge. Also when the essays aren’t due untill next month, it’s not exactly helping. Also loosing your library card is a bad idea. bye £10 to get a new one..

Speaking of money, they’re way too easy to spend, I mean after having put aside the money needed for rent and household there was a fair amount left, but then there’s the flight home which was a horrifying £250+ my bank account is hurting.. however we do get a fair bit of fun with our money.

and it’s better to not worry than being constantly anxious about what you can or cannot afford..
I better return to the search of the missing student card, seeing as I might need it tonight.
We’ve talked about checking out the crowd at planet again tonight..

untill next time…

(god i’m way beyond lame)

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts on a thursday morning

  1. dougielee

    Money money money, it’s too funny

    (to spend on shit)

    Haha, deggern vi e go!

  2. Bigspenders dåkk borti der asså 😛

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