New day, new opportunities

So I am not revolutionizing my life or anything just making some improvements. 
Such as devoting more time to uniwork, because if not it will all catch up with me and everything will end up less than half-heartedly.

Also, me and Renate made a pact today to become slightly more healthy, treats such as coke is only for when we eat out or when hungover, or just the day after parties in general.. meaning preferably fridays and saturdays. same goes for crisps and sweets.. it’s not like it’s a strict rule we have to follow like slaves, but just something we know is good for us.

We are also starting to plan ahead, like making sure all the needs to be paid for are paid for. And making a food budget so we know how much we can spoil ourselves. Which we’ve been very good at doing so far, and probably will keep on being, just a bit more moderately hopefully.

So there you have it, the new plan for the future, well maybe not, but small changes can make life a lot easier. 

wow I pretty muched wasted about a minute of your life just now didn’t I? or 30seconds depending on how fast you read!

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3 thoughts on “New day, new opportunities

  1. Hi, Ida! I’ll just write in English as well. =)
    First; the picture in this post is beautiful! Really … oh, what’s the word for “stemningsfull” ?
    Second; you write well, and it’s fun to keep up with your English Adventure here, too. The new adjustments in your life seems like a good idea, I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a while – hereby you have beaten me at the start line. (:
    Good luck to you both, and I wish for you a fabulous continuation on this fall.

    Cheers, Karina. ❤

  2. Så flink dåkk e 🙂

  3. dougielee

    Yes, total waste of time!! haha neida!

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